Videos of Joseph Rael

Joseph Rael Video Project Summer and Fall, 2011

The goal of this video project is to plant a seed in contemporary culture, giving us a way to approach the planting of seeds, the growth of healthy plant foods, and the nourishment of our bodies that is based on the deepest wisdom and visionary insight. In a 20-minute video, Ute and Tiwa elder Joseph Rael shows children how to prepare and plant seeds using the power of Spirit to imbue the plants with the radiant essence of Life. He teaches the children how to start a seed altar, how to sing to the seedlings to enhance their vitality, and how to return gratitude to Mother Earth and Father Sky before, during, and after the harvest.

Our larger intention beyond recording an elder passing along his knowledge to children is to introduce his ideas about spiritual plantings into the larger culture in as many ways as possible. We’ll accomplish this by creating a number of two-minute clips from the 20-minute video that will be given to specific groups of people interested in nutrition, gardening, and health. These video clips will add a new perspective to addressing our needs in many areas: appealing to people interested in current trends in organic, backyard and local gardening, as well as the slow food movement, the movement to combat the diabetes epidemic, the children’s health movement, the “green spa” movement, those concerned about soaring health care expenses, and the sustainability movement with concerns for worldwide food and water shortages.

Joseph teaches the children songs to sing to plants — songs bringing in cosmic radiance and energy, and songs that demonstrate the living interconnected nature of the earth as our body, and our bodies as the earth. These songs form a singular visionary teaching that is his unique contribution to the growing awareness of the need for sustainable agricultural and spiritual practices.